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3 Summer Treats that Can Damage Your Teeth

San Mateo Cosmetic Dentist Offers Summertime Tips for Healthy Teeth   Ahh, summertime. Vacations are in full swing and schedules are packed with fun, warm-weather activities like hiking, biking, skateboarding, swimming — or just relaxing in the sunshine. Summer is also the time for picnics, movies, and pool parties. Not to spoil your fun, but…Read More

It’s a Great Time to Try Invisalign

3 Reasons to Choose Invisalign Have you been thinking about a smile redesign lately? We all think about transforming our smiles now and then; after all, a bright, healthy smile with perfectly aligned teeth does wonders for our confidence. Now’s the time to stop thinking about it; let’s make a beautiful smile your reality! At…Read More

3 Ways to Protect Your Summer Smile

Safeguard Your Smile with These Tips Summer is the season of relaxing vacations and outdoor fun. A time to kick back and enjoy some rest and recreation time. Accidents don’t take a vacay, though, and mishaps still occur — even on your time off — and dental emergencies are no exception. Many dental injuries are…Read More

Ouch! Need A Smile Fix?

3 Ways to Repair a Broken Smile It’s that time of year when the great outdoors is calling! The mild San Mateo weather is a great backdrop for activities like skateboarding, hiking, and off-roading – and for outdoor sports like softball and basketball. Summer sports and seasonal activities can be tough on teeth, though, with…Read More

Can Stress Affect Your Smile? Yes!

3 Ways Stress Can Harm Your Teeth   Stress can be such a bully sometimes! It picks on you relentlessly and, if you’re not vigilant, will affect your health with concerns like insomnia, mood swings, irritability, headaches, stomach trouble — well, you name it. The numerous ways that stress affects our physical and emotional health…Read More