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Back to School Tips for Teeth

  Start the Year With a Winning Smile Were your oral hygiene habits lax over the summer? Just in time for back-to-school (or even back-to-work), we’d like to help you get back to your daily dental health routine. We’re not just targeting the little ones, either. Summer vacation tends to be a relaxing time when…Read More

How Invisalign Changes Lives

Makeover Your Smile with Clear Braces If you’re considering a smile makeover that includes beautiful, aligned teeth, modern dental technology has made the straightening process much easier! Introducing Invisalign clear braces, a system that realigns teeth comfortably, conveniently, and well – almost invisibly. Here’s how it works. Invisalign smile aligners are made of clear plastic,…Read More

Is It Time for Your Dental Check-Up?

Don’t Brush Off Your Annual Exam! Unless there’s a dental emergency or pain, it can be easy to overlook your teeth. Of course, San Mateo Center for Cosmetic Dentistry doesn’t recommend that, but we understand how the busyness of life can derail your best intentions. Keeping up with routine dental appointments is important, especially when…Read More

Summertime Dental Tips for Kids

Protecting Your Child’s Summer Smile Summer vacation! No more pencils, no more books – let’s have some fun, right? For many kids, summer break is a time to sleep in, play, and maybe even bend the rules a little. Bedtime is a little later and reading is for entertainment, not education. Here’s a caution, though!…Read More