What Makes A Cosmetic Dentist Great?


San Mateo Center of Cosmetic Dentistry focuses on the cosmetic practices that make your smile brighter, whiter, and more memorable. Unlike a regular dentist, we don’t provide cleanings or do general dentistry. Instead, we focus on the surgical and procedural treatments that fix serious dental issues for our patients.

We often see issues, such as discolored teeth, cracked or broken teeth, and issues pertaining to spaces in between teeth. We are the best cosmetic dentistry in San Mateo and we’ll be happy to explain why.

To be the best cosmetic dentist, you’ll need to understand all the procedures involved when it comes to fixing someone’s teeth. Each dental issue could have several solutions, and it’s important that the dentist recognizes the best path forward.

It’s also important that the dentist understands general dental aesthetics. These include color, position, shape, size, alignment and overall smile appearance. The goal with many procedures is to make your smile look as natural and beautiful as possible. Tooth procedures are also meant to blend into your natural-looking smile, so these are all important for your overall results.

Cosmetic dentists should be able to answer every question you have about the procedures they offer. At the San Mateo Center of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Michael Wong can answer any question you may have about the procedures, the staff or about his professional experience. We have a gallery of before-and-after photos on our website you can explore on your own time.

Because cosmetic dentistry does fall under the same umbrella as a dentist when it comes to fears and anxiety, a great cosmetic dentist will have sedation available to get through any procedure. At San Mateo Center of Cosmetic Dentistry, we have sedation options available for you, so you can sleep through a procedure. We’d be happy to answer any questions about your fears and concerns.

To learn more about the San Mateo Center of Cosmetic Dentistry or if you have any questions about our services, call us today at 650-342-9016.