The Difference Between Dentists

Cosmetic Dentistry

What’s So Special About San Mateo Cosmetic Dentistry?

Just as medical doctors specialize in different areas of health care (like shoulders and knees, digestive health, or cardiac care), dentists can also focus on specific areas of oral health.

At the start, dental education provides training and experience in all aspects of dentistry such as preventive care, orthodontics (braces), endodontics (think root canal), and pediatric dentistry. All dentists earn either a DMD or DDS degree, and as general dentists, are qualified to treat dental problems of all types.

Some dentists choose to go on for extensive training and continuing education in specialized branches of dentistry and focus exclusively on that service. For example, periodontists further their education in the treatment of gum disease and cosmetic dentists specialize in the function and appearance of teeth.

What type of dental care do you need?

Understanding your oral health needs can help you choose the dentist that’s most appropriate for your concerns.

If you’re seeking a whiter, brighter, or straighter smile; if there are gaps you’d like to close or broken/missing teeth you’d like to repair, cosmetic dentistry is your solution!

How’s that?

Specializing in cosmetic and restorative dentistry for over 25 years, Dr. Michael Wong offers services such as teeth whitening, dental implants, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, Invisalign clear braces, and much more. A consultation and evaluation with Dr. Wong and his care team determines the most appropriate treatment for your dental concerns.

And all in a calming and caring environment that includes IV sedation dentistry, movies, headphones, warm neck pillows, and warm towels with each visit.

General dentists provide a wide range of services to ensure the overall health of your mouth and teeth. But if you think it’s specifically time to improve the look of your smile, boost your self-confidence and be self-assured about your appearance, contact our cosmetic dental office in San Mateo today.

We welcome patients from San Mateo and surrounding communities for comprehensive cosmetic and restorative dental care.