What If I’m Scared Of Cosmetic Dental Procedures?


Fear of the dentist is a real issue that we deal with on a regular basis. Many patients avoid going to the dentist altogether because of the underlying fear of pain, discomfort or even losing their teeth. This is something we take very seriously at the San Mateo Center of Cosmetic Dentistry. 

Our cosmetic dental procedures are created with our patients in mind, which is why we offer sedation dentistry at our location. It’s conscious sedation, which means you’ll still be awake during the procedure. It is not full sedation where you pass out. Instead, we call it “dentistry while you sleep.”

You’ll be relaxed and won’t feel stress as we complete the job at hand. Our sedation service is one that will eliminate your dental anxiety and fear that you may experience at the dental clinic.

Our cosmetic dentist will provide you with a pill an hour before coming to the office. You should not drive after taking the pill, as it does help relax you and some patients may fall asleep. In this drowsy state, you’ll get the procedure done.

While we don’t recommend our sedation for everyone, you are a likely candidate if you have a high fear of going to the dentist. This can include having genuine fears to the point of having anxiety or perhaps struggling because of previous traumatic experiences. Our San Mateo Center of Cosmetic Dentistry wants to make your experience positive, which is why we offer sedation to patients in need.

We also offer our sedation services to patients, who simply can’t go through the procedure due to bad gag reflexes or struggle with needles or numbness. Some procedures can be complex in nature, so the sedative may help you feel more relaxed, giving you a better experience.

To learn more about our sedation services, call us at 650-342-9016 and speak with our San Mateo Center of Cosmetic Dentistry team members today!