The Benefits of Clear Braces

Cosmetic Dentistry

People visit cosmetic dentists because they aren’t pleased with their smiles. This unhappiness can affect people’s moods, personalities, and confidence levels. While some procedures are quick, others require treatment for a longer period of time.

One of those treatments is braces. Years ago, people would need to wear braces that were visible from a distance. These braces were often unkindly referred to as “train tracks” or “metal mouth”, simply because they looked so drastic. However, it doesn’t have to be like this anymore.

Now, dental braces are almost invisible and you can get the same results without investing in metal braces. Clear braces, such as Invisalign, are considered “invisible” because they are clear trays. You’ll feel them as they slowly correct your teeth over time, but from a distance, they are practically invisible. This will boost your confidence during the treatment period too.

Clear braces are discreet, comfortable, and most importantly, effective. This means that teenagers and adults are able to experience the benefits of clear braces. If you chose not to go the braces route as a teenager, you can still fix your smile as an adult with this invisible and more discreet option.

Another benefit of wearing clear braces is that you can remove them when you’re eating. With metal braces, you have to clean your teeth after eating, as food will get stuck. With clear braces, you simply remove them while eating and then put them back in when you’re done.

To get started, visit Dr. Michael Wong, the best cosmetic dentist in San Mateo. During your appointment, he’ll perform a dental exam to ensure that you’re a candidate for clear braces.

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