Myly Posse

“Once upon a time there was a princess who was afraid to show the world her smile. The princess grew into a clever queen that made it through 30 years of finding ways to smile and laugh without drawing attention to her unsightly teeth. Finally she decided enough was enough. She would no longer put off achieving the smile she had always wanted. After many months of scouring web sites and interviewing possible candidates, the queen found not only the best dentist to award the task of calming her fears while creating a royalty-worthy smile, she also found an office full of beautiful, gentle, and gracious princesses who saw that her every need was met.The queen was so pleased with her experience and her new smile that she appointed Dr. Wong and the princesses to be her royal dental office, and she lived happily smiling ever after. In fact, it is said that it’s now difficult to get the queen to stop showing off her smile. She smiles at EVERYONE EVERYWHERE.

Dr. Wong is a top notch cosmetic and general dentist. If you’ve been looking for one, let your search stop here. His staff is great. They hygienist is fantastic. Make your appointment today! :)”