Alessandra Chimienti Gibbs

Hi there,

This email is for Doctor Wong and the whole staff of San Mateo Cosmetic Dentistry.

As you know, I had to change dentist because my insurance doesn’t cover basic cost of annual cleaning and check ups with your office – but it wasn’t a personal choice. In fact, I had never found a better dental office before and I was very happy to even drive from Alameda to San Mateo just for a cleaning.

As you may remember, I have incredibly sensitive teeth and going to the dentist had always been somewhat of an awful experience for me – until I found your office. You changed my experience and going to the dentist became less of a burden every time I came to see you.

As I keep having my regular semi-annual cleanings with doctors within my insurance coverage, I realized two things that I’d like to share.

  1. Taking what you’ve taught me about dental hygiene changed my mouth’s health, which resulted in considerably less painful cleanings. This is a huge accomplishment for me.
  2. Every dentist or hygienist that looks at my teeth during the visits ALWAYS mentions that the job you did is nothing short of remarkable. In fact, is one of the first things they say when the visit starts. One specifically was having troubles identifying where exactly the BioClear was applied for how good it was blended with the tooth.

I always make a mental note of those compliments and I decided to send you an email, to share them with you. I miss coming to your office and I hope you are all doing great.

Sending wishes to all of you (but especially to Jennifer and Michelle, who helped me with that unnecessarily long problem with my health insurance!! What a nightmare).

With appreciation,
Alessandra Chimienti Gibbs