Are You Nervous About Your Dental Visit?

Cosmetic Dentistry


Top Reasons for Dental Anxiety

A trip to the dentist often causes anxiety, which can be triggered by many different factors and feelings. Our San Mateo Center for Cosmetic Dentistry sees nervous patients on the regular, and we’ve designed our office with comfort and convenience in mind.

Even if you’re coming to our office for a smile makeover — and you’re excited about the prospect of bright, white teeth — nerves can still take over.

We understand.

Before we tell you about the calming and relaxing measures we offer here in our office, let’s take a moment to consider the reasons behind your anxiety.

Do any of these sound like you?

  1. I’m afraid of pain both during and after the procedure.
  2. The sound of the drill totally sets me on edge!
  3. I’m terrified of needles!
  4. I’m totally embarrassed by the condition of my teeth.
  5. Lying in the chair makes me feel out of control.

If you identify with any of those statements, know that there’s nothing wrong or weird with the way you feel — and you’re definitely not alone.

Fear of the dentist is one reason why many avoid dental care altogether; however, recent advances in dental technology have allowed us to provide a more comfortable patient experience. Most procedures can be virtually painless with the advanced comfort techniques that we use. And if you would still like more, there is always sedation dentistry that we offer.

Another source of anxiety these days is COVID. Rest assured that we’ve put many safety protocols in place to keep both our patients and staff safe. You’ll notice air purification units throughout our office, ULV disinfectant foggers, and other infection prevention measures.

Comfortable Dental Care

Patient comfort is one of our top priorities. You’ll find a relaxing environment and a friendly team of dental care professionals who want to provide the best experience possible. We provide extras that include movies, headphones, warm neck pillows, and warm towels to help you relax.

Above all, our team listens carefully and works gently and compassionately to ensure that each patient feels heard, cared for, and pleased with the outcome.

Visit our blog next month when we offer ways you can overcome your dental anxiety.

And when you’re ready to makeover your smile, go ahead and book your consultation!