I Have Pain In My Teeth. What Could It Be?


When patients come to us, they often have questions about their oral health. Sometimes, it’s about fixing a crooked tooth or closing a gap. For other patients, it’s about improving confidence by giving them a brighter smile.

But we do have patients that come to us with pain in their teeth, something that could be caused by dental issues that can be fixed at our San Mateo Cosmetic Dentistry. Having tooth pain can be a symptom of another issue, something that would need to be diagnosed before it can be treated.

A common toothache and pain come from cavities. Cavities are decayed areas of your teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes. While children are told that candy and sweets are the reasons behind cavities, these painful decays can result from the plaque on your teeth.

Plaque is made up of germs and can result in cavities if not brushed away. Your mouth makes acid and this acid can eat up your enamel when plaque clings to your teeth. Dental fillings can help solve current cavities, but you have to brush to keep them at bay.

Of course, a cavity is just one reason why your teeth can hurt. Cracked teeth can also cause pain or teeth that need crowns. Crowns are essentially replacement teeth that can solve many dental issues for our patients. Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Michael Wong, can help diagnose if a crown is indeed the right solution for you.

To avoid toothaches and pains, patients should go to a dentist to have dental cleanings done twice a year. Getting your teeth cleaned will not only help you stay on top of your oral health but a dental cleaning can also help diagnose problems before they get worse.

At our San Mateo Cosmetic Dentistry clinic, we help your toothaches and pains go away. To see if we can help you with your dental issue, reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.