My Teeth: A Patient Testimonial

I love my teeth, and they are nearly done. Let me explain. I have just had or almost have finished, a cosmetic restoration of almost all my upper teeth. It started as a child. I was born without one of my top teeth as a genetic defect, albeit a small genetic defect. As a result…Read More

Healthy Teeth & Holiday Treats

Tips for Yuletide Snacking from Your San Mateo Cosmetic Dentist Here we go with the holiday season — the time of year notorious for delicious nibbles. While this year may be quite different due to COVID precautions, we know that family and friends will safely gather to enjoy each other’s company and open presents. And…Read More

Achieve a Smile to be Proud Of

Cosmetic Dentistry in San Mateo Are you happy with your smile? Or are you hiding cracked, chipped or yellowed teeth? Teeth change with age. It’s just a natural part of growing older and nothing to be embarrassed about; and while a dazzling smile is important to self-esteem and confidence, properly functioning teeth are very important…Read More