What Is BioClear and How Does It Work?


We’re proud to offer BioClear at our San Mateo cosmetic dentistry office. It may be a product you’ve heard of before, but we’re here to answer your questions about it. BioClear is a procedure that can transform your smile with a natural finish, meaning you can enjoy a brighter and more confident smile.

BioClear is great for those who struggle with unwelcome dark spaces between the teeth. These could be naturally occurring gaps between the teeth, a condition called diastema. It’s not unhealthy, bad for your teeth or overall oral health, but it can ruin your confidence and cause you to smile less often.

In addition, it’s easier for food to get stuck in these areas and for plaque to build up. Before long, you may notice your teeth looking much older and more worn than they actually are. We want to help prevent that!

BioClear is a procedure that can help you fix these dark areas. At times, cosmetic dentists will use porcelain veneers to fix the issue, but BioClear offers a more affordable approach. It’s minimally invasive and your teeth will soon look healthy and the dark gaps between your teeth will be gone.

A candidate for the BioClear procedure will be thrilled to know that no tooth is removed during the process. The BioClear filling is placed directly on your tooth and the materials used are highly aesthetic. It can be repaired if it breaks and re-polished if needed.

BioClear is expected to last as long as porcelain veneers, which is around 10 years. BioClear warranties its cosmetic enhancements, so you can’t go wrong with this feature and the lower cost compared to porcelain veneers.

At San Mateo Cosmetic Dentistry, we are more than happy to answer your questions about BioClear. It’s something we use — and we’d love to see if this is the right fit for you. Contact us today to learn more about this procedure.