Feeling Anxious About Your Appointment?

Cosmetic Dentistry

3 Ways To Manage Dental Anxiety

In the part 1 of this blog series, we explored the different reasons why you may have anxiety around getting dental care. Here we’ll discuss the ways you can overcome your fear and empower you to have a healthy dental routine at home and at the San Mateo Center for Cosmetic Dentistry office.

Ask About IV Sedation Prior To Your Visit

If you have fear of pain then consider our IV sedation dentistry in San Mateo, California. This service offers patients a stress-free and pain-free approach to achieving their dental goals. Essentially, “dentistry while you sleep” eliminates dental anxiety, the fear linked with going to the dentist. You won’t remember the time it took or feel any of the pain that might otherwise be involved.

Distract Yourself With Music

One of the ways to keep anxiety at bay is by simply closing your eyes and listening to music. The same goes for when you’re in the dentist’s chair! Load up your favorite podcast or playlist and sit back and (try to) relax.

Warm Up To Release Anxiety

Ask your San Mateo Center for Cosmetic Dentistry team for a warm neck pillow and warm towel to help you relax anxious muscles and ease physical tension. Place these towels behind your neck, over your eyes, or on your chest for the feeling of a warm hug.

Communicate With Your Dental Team

Our team listens carefully and works gently and compassionately to ensure that each patient feels heard, cared for, and pleased with the outcome.

Now that we’ve cleared up the fear of being in the dental chair, go ahead and book your consultation to get the smile you have always wanted!