4 New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy, Radiant Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry

New Year’s Advice from San Mateo Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

The holidays are over, and you’ve made it past the sugary cookies, chewy chocolates, and non-stop nibbles. Now it’s time to get serious.

Are you a resolution-maker? While many of us tend to focus on fitness once midnight strikes, this year include your oral health as part of your New Year’s self-care plan. Here are 4 resolutions from our San Mateo cosmetic dentistry office that you can promise your teeth in 2021.

Practice Prevention

Make it a goal to get your teeth cleaned twice a year. Even if you are great at brushing and flossing, a dental care team will ensure that your gums and teeth are healthy and that all plaque and food particles are removed.

They’ll also check for gum health, cavities and any cracks or chips. Many insurance plans cover yearly cleanings and preventive dentistry, so check your coverage and resolve to start the new year with clean, healthy teeth. Schedule an appointment before you forget!

Commit to Clean

We know, brushing and flossing can be tedious; but committing to brushing your teeth twice a day — and flossing at least once a day — can make a world of difference in the health of your teeth.


Your mouth is host to an abundance of bacteria, which normally cause no harm unless allowed to flourish. Bacteria forms a substance known as plaque, that filmy coating that adheres to your teeth. You know that sticky feeling every morning in your mouth when you wake up? That’s plaque.

The bacteria feeds off of the sugary food and drinks you consume, which creates an acid that can damage your teeth and cause tooth decay. Sugar comes from more sources than just carbs and sweets; even milk and fruit contain sugar — and that’s why it’s so important to brush your teeth twice daily.

Allowing plaque to go unchecked can cause it to build up into what is known as tartar — a hard substance that builds up on all sides of your teeth and along the gumline. Removing the plaque though brushing and flossing ensures that tartar and tooth decay don’t destroy the critical foundation that gums provide for your teeth.

Toss the Tobacco

We all know the harmful effects of smoking, including oral and lung cancer; but smoking can also create all kinds of dental issues, from bad breath and stained teeth to gum disease.

We know it’s a tough habit to kick, but we’re here to help. If you need assistance to quit smoking, please talk to one of our dental team for guidance. Take the first step — we know you can do it!

Consider Restorative Dentistry

For a happier, healthier smile in 2021, consider consulting with us. Our cosmetic dentistry office in San Mateo provides services that include tooth whitening, implants, Invisalign clear braces, and other procedures to repair cracks, chips, or gaps.

From our family to yours, wishing you the best of health and happiness this new year!