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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns (sometimes called “caps”) made of porcelain are natural-looking covers that are engineered to fit perfectly over teeth to conceal cracks, bad discoloration, injury, or chipping. Importantly, they minimize physical discomfort and provide support to damaged teeth. Dr. Michael Wong provides San Mateo and the surrounding area with the knowledge and technology to fabricate and install dental crowns.
Ultimately, porcelain crowns can also play an important cosmetic role by improving the overall appearance of your smile. Furthermore, they make your teeth more resistant to injury which means you can keep a beautiful smile longer. This is a reliable service that can be accomplished with just a few visits. Our dental crowns are of the highest quality and almost identical in appearance to normal teeth.

Dental Crowns

Here are the steps followed with new porcelain crowns:

We make a mold (or an impression) of your tooth to fit a temporary crown. It protects your tooth until the final, permanent dental crown is ready. Temporary crowns may not have the same shape and color as permanent ones.
After freezing the area, we reshape your tooth to make room for the porcelain crown.
Another mold (or impression) is taken of the reshaped tooth and nearby teeth. Then the temporary crown is placed over your tooth and you are sent on your way.
This mold is sent to a dental lab, where your permanent crown is custom-made. The mold of your tooth is used to make a model. A restoration that is the same size and shape as your tooth is built based on the model.
On your next visit, we remove the temporary crown and put on the permanent one. Then we check to make sure the crown is the right fit, shape and color. If it is, we cement the porcelain crown into place.

Free Dental Crown Consultation

We want you to be in love with your porcelain crowns, that is why we offer free consultations to ensure you will be totally satisfied.