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Six Month Smiles in San Mateo

The fantastic new Six Month Smiles treatment is a short-term orthodontic treatment that focuses on straightening your teeth that show when you smile. The actual brackets and wires that are placed on your teeth are tooth-colored and much less noticeable than the normal metal braces you may have dreaded wearing yourself. The best part of the Six Month Smiles treatment is implied in the name… the whole process takes an average of six months! You can have the straight, attractive smile you’ve dreamt of sooner than you thought.
San Mateo Dentist Dr. Michael Wong and the expert staff at the San Mateo Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is the perfect place for you to receive your Six Month Smiles treatment. We have a proven track record Cosmetic Dentistry services performed and, more importantly, a large list of ecstatic patients who are thrilled with their results. Trust experience and success when you decide to receive the Six Month Smiles treatment.

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Six Month Smiles


FAST - The Six Month Smiles treatment plan offers effective dental alignment and teeth-straightening in a shorter timeline than traditional braces. This is possible through the advanced technology involved coupled with a focus on the visible teeth in your smile. Patients that need more substantial orthodontic treatment to care for significant orthodontic issues in the rest of the mouth may not be good candidates for the Six Month Smiles treatment.
INCONSPICUOUS - Though brackets and wires are used in the treatment, they are tooth-colored and much less noticeable than traditional silver-colored braces. Also, the short duration of the treatment aids in the discreetness of the procedure.
COMFORTABLE - Your immediate reaction to a six month orthodontic treatment plan might include the assumption that an expedited treatment schedule will lead to more discomfort. Not so! The nickel-titanium wires gently guide your teeth to the desired position by providing steady pressure and support.

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